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Enhancing the Login Experience with Context-Aware Security

In any account creation journey, the initial login process is a critical step for both the customer and the service provider. As the gateway to personal and financial data, it’s also the most popular entry target for cybercriminals, used in 49% of security breaches. 

Although multi-factor authentication (MFA) reduces breaches and account takeover (ATO), customers get frustrated by extra layers of security like one-time passcodes (OTPs), and its effectiveness is challenged by sophisticated and effective hacking techniques.

To address complexities and UX issues, companies piece together various customer identity and access management (CIAM) and anti-fraud solutions, often resulting in a cumbersome and disjointed user experience that can escalate costs, compromise security and diminish customer satisfaction. 

This blog dissects these challenges and explains how Transmit Security delivers a unified, plug-and play identity-security platform — purpose-built to simplify and secure login experiences, ensure compliance, minimize costs and maximize customer experience.

Challenges of a secure login experience

Ensuring a secure login experience comes with challenges, notably the vulnerabilities that come with passwords and conventional MFA. We’re all familiar with the risks of passwords, and attackers have proven that MFA methods, like OTPs and security questions, are not a magic fix.

When attacking at the login, fraudsters use tools and techniques such as MFA capture bots, malware that injects fake login overlays, phishing, session hijacking, password resets and more. These tactics are further exacerbated by generative AI tools on the dark web, making phishing and social engineering attacks more sophisticated and difficult to detect.

Even passwordless MFA comes with risk since the majority of “passwordless” solutions (even passkeys in some scenarios) require passwords for users to register, recover and manage their accounts. 

In an attempt to meet compliance, prevent fraud and simplify UX, companies stitch together multiple point products, negatively affecting security and customer experience. Up to 33% of consumers drop off if they forget their credentials and some OTPs never arrive. Customers call support–– increasing call center costs support costs–– or simply drop off. 

Addressing these challenges 

In order to effectively enhance login security and user satisfaction, businesses need flexible authentication solutions, including passkeys and passwordless MFA implementations that can truly eliminate passwords. You can gradually transition customers by giving them a variety of login options — like social logins, OTPs, email magic links or passwords through a single platform  that caters to diverse user preferences and simplifies management. 

But authentication alone does not secure the login experience. Real-time fraud detection is also essential since hackers bypass or steal MFA using malware, spoofed devices, session hijacking and other tactics. To combat this, behavioral biometrics, device fingerprinting and other AI detection methods spot anomalies instantly. Orchestration then adapts user journeys based on risk/trust scores, ensuring measures align with your UX, security and compliance requirements.

By employing a unified identity management system, companies consolidate user profiles across platforms and simplify compliance and policy enforcement, which enhances both security and user experience.

The Secure Login Experience with Transmit Security

Transmit Security revolutionizes the secure login experience, delivering the most streamlined and secure access platform — as a complete, out-of-the-box use case. The comprehensive identity-security solution removes IT complexity, enhances fraud prevention and ensures compliance, all while optimizing user experience with minimal effort and cost. 

By integrating a full spectrum of authentication, authorization, fraud prevention and identity management capabilities into a unified platform, Transmit Security enables adaptive login experiences and centralized policy management. Its drag-and-drop journey builder and omnichannel authentication ensure that security measures are seamlessly integrated across all user interactions, providing a cohesive experience that is both scalable and resilient.

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The platform’s dynamic approach to login experiences, powered by AI-driven fraud detection, evaluates risks, trust levels and behavioral patterns in real time to tailor user access controls effectively. Whether a user logs in with an OTP or password, Transmit Security’s engine can discern legitimate behavior from fraudulent attempts, adjusting user journeys accordingly. 

Risk-aware orchestration coupled with AI-driven detection mechanisms, such as behavioral biometrics and device fingerprinting, significantly reduce false positives and negatives, offering a secure yet frictionless login process. The solution’s agility in adapting to new threats and its capacity to provide instant, high-accuracy fraud detection exemplify its cutting-edge security capabilities.

The drag-and-drop journey builder, a visual no-code journey editor, streamlines the creation, testing and optimization of orchestrated login flows. This facilitates the intuitive placement of elements, such as single-factor authentication versus stronger multi-factor authentication.

Moreover, Transmit Security’s platform excels in delivering a user-centric experience by offering a wide range of MFA options, including true passwordless MFA, passkeys, and more, catering to the diverse preferences of users. Its PSD2-compliant, passwordless MFA and innovative passkey security measures demonstrate a deep commitment to not only meeting but exceeding compliance requirements. 

The platform’s single, centrally-managed admin portal offers unparalleled visibility and control over user authentication, streamlining identity management across brands and channels. With AI-powered identity analytics and full platform synergies, Transmit Security not only enhances security and compliance but also significantly improves UX, demonstrating its leadership in creating secure, user-friendly login experiences. 

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