Detection and Response Services

Protect customers and their accounts — at all times.

Dynamic fraud prevention examines hundreds of signals in real time, across the full identity lifecycle.
Smart, contextual analysis improves detection — so you can trigger the right response at the right time.

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Integration: Low code tools and developer-friendly APIs & SDKs

APIs, SDKs & Low Code

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Detection & Response: Real-time risk and fraud prevention

  • Longer sessions (days and weeks)
  • Remove bot traffic
  • Detect fraudulent accounts
  • Prevent account takeover
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Orchestration: Out-of-the-box decisioning rules & drag-and-drop journeys

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Identity Verification:

ID and selfie analysis


Passkeys, Passwordless & MFA

Identity Management:

User Profiles, Authorization, SSO

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Cloud-Native Architecture

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Welcome customers in. Lock fraudsters out.

Cloud-native services continually assess risk, trust, fraud, bots and behavior to deliver actionable recommendations — with supreme accuracy. 

When tested against other solutions in independent trials, Transmit Security Detection and Response reduced false positives and false negatives by more than half.  

With a higher level of assurance, you can remove friction for trusted customers. Some companies using our solution have cut back on MFA and CAPTCHA challenges by 80%.


Multi-method detection

Our service inspects a broader range of telemetry across multiple detection frameworks, including privacy-age device fingerprinting, robust behavioral biometrics, bot detection, network analysis, authentication strength and app activity patterns. 

This data is cross-correlated with global threat intelligence, fraud patterns and the individual customer’s typical behavior, giving you a 360° view in real time and across time.

Using developer-friendly APIs, connectors and SDKs, you’ll see actionable recommendations immediately appear in the admin dashboard, which includes the reasons for challenging or denying specific actions. No black boxes!

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Embedded fraud orchestration

Using multiple bot and fraud detection tools creates data silos and complicates decisioning. A unified service with embedded fraud orchestration solves this by bringing all of the telemetry together and correlating the data — so you gain orchestrated analytics. 

Machine learning (ML) evaluates the telemetry within the full context of your application and use case. Our policy engine is then able to make context-aware decisions and deliver accurate recommendations.

State-of-the-art architecture allows you to analyze and orchestrate a large volume of big data. The results: unrivaled detection rates and high performance — with the lowest latency in the industry.


Dynamic threat response

With the power of ML and AI, it automatically detects zero-day threats, collects telemetry and analyzes new attack patterns when they first emerge.

Our security research team and data scientists continuously add new detection mechanisms and update machine learning algorithms to catch new evasive techniques — giving you security that evolves as quickly as threats. 

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Full platform synergies

Detection and Response Services can be implemented on its own or as an integral part of the Transmit Security Platform. Unified, orchestrated customer identity and access management (CIAM) services secure and simplify the full identity lifecycle while minimizing IT effort and costs.

As a platform native service, Detection and Response Services can trigger Transmit Security Identity Verification, Data Validation, or Authentication Services, including passwordless or passkeys, to mitigate elevated risk. Conversely, continuous trust profiling and device fingerprinting allow you to remove step-ups for trusted customers.

Benefit from the hands-on support of security experts to prevent more fraud and delight your customers.