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Fraud & Risk
Use Cases and Challenges of API Security

Application programming interfaces, or APIs, are the glue that holds modern applications together — making them both indispensable to developers and an increasingly common attack...

Transmit Security Achieves the Triple Crown — Now Available on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Marketplaces 

Transmit Security is now publicly available on the Google Cloud Marketplace – a significant milestone as we expand our strategic partnerships. This major step enables...

Fraud & Risk
Machine-Learning Techniques for Detecting New Account Fraud

When it comes to detecting fraud, context is everything. But how do you evaluate the behavior of a user you know almost nothing about? This...

Stop Phishing at Its Origin
How to Stop Phishing at Its Origin — Before a Single Customer Falls Victim

In spite of media warnings about phishing scams, millions of consumers continue to fall prey to deceptive emails or text messages luring them to a...

Machine Identity Management
Recommendations for Mitigating Risk at Each Stage of the Machine Identity Lifecycle 

Increasingly, machines are the dominant force of digital business. And with more machines and machine secrets there are, the bigger the attack surface. And the...

Fraud & Risk
Good Bots: What They Are and Why We Need Them

If you think all bots are a menace, think again. Popular search engines, text messaging apps, and chatbots — including Siri and Alexa — would...

Machine Identity Management Lifecycle
Fraud & Risk
The Machine Identity Lifecycle and the Risks at Each Stage

Machines form the foundation of our digital world — with every interaction relying on workloads, containers, applications and physical devices, including mobile and IoT. And...

Identity Experiences
Mitigating AI Bias in Identity Verification

Identity verification systems increasingly use AI to provide remote, online assurance of end users’ identities by matching users’ photos with their IDs. But when these...

The Machine Identity Crisis:
How It’s Spun out of Control and What Can Be Done 

The exponential proliferation of machines has outpaced collective efforts to properly secure them — from workloads in containers, bare metal and virtual machines to applications...

Fraud & Risk
The Rising Threat of Hospitality Fraud: How to Protect Your Customers

It’s 2023. Do you know where your loyalty membership points are? If you’re one of the 45% of consumers with an inactive loyalty program, the...

Fraud & Risk
Should You Be Afraid of Virtual Machines?

Virtual machines enabled a revolution in cloud computing by providing a way to deliver more scalable, cost-effective and flexible compute resources. But despite their legitimate...

Fraud & Risk
How Fraudsters Leverage AI and Deepfakes for Identity Fraud

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and the proliferation of deepfakes have provided fraudsters with powerful tools to conduct identity fraud. Deepfakes, which are manipulated media...

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