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Authenticate users across all your applications and brands with simple-to-use APIs or SDKs.

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Optimize Your Login Experience

Choose between passwordless and passkeys, social login, magic links, or passwords. Decide which login options are available to your customers and easily add more options. You can go completely passwordless or try a hybrid of password and passwordless options.

Switch your existing customers from passwords to passwordless authentication methods based on their or your preference. You have the ultimate control over your customers’ login experience. Transmit Security supports all login options from a single place using simple-to-use APIs or SDKs, depending on your preference.

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Optimize Your MFA Experience

Transmit Security supports a variety of Multifactor Authentication (MFA) options, such as OTP and passkeys. Design the perfect MFA experience for your applications and customers based on your UX, security, and regulatory requirements.

Decide when and where to introduce step-up authentication during the customer journey. Use simple-to-use APIs or SDKs to invoke authentication. Allow customers to register to their preferred MFA option or restrict them to specific options; it’s completely under your control. Build easy registration processes with full control over UI and UX.

Go Passwordless at Your Own Pace

Everyone talks about passwordless, but only Transmit Security has the experience of taking millions of users through the passwordless journey. Our passwordless service has been in production since 2020! Used by the biggest financial institutions, retailers, telcos, and more. We’re a FIDO Board Member with a deep understanding and involvement in all passwordless protocols. When it comes to taking your customers passwordless, we’re the experts! Leverage our experience for a faster and proven path to passwordless. We know how to take your customers through the passwordless journey at their and your own pace.
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Passkeys: The Future of Passwordless Authentication

There are multiple ways to go passwordless, but one technique has the potential to dominate the market: passkeys. A concept supported by Apple, Google, and Microsoft, passkeys allow your customers to register any of their devices and then use all their other devices to authenticate without passwords to all your services. Customers choose between face recognition, fingerprint scanning, or passcodes, depending on the technology offered by their end devices. Passkeys, which ride the Webauthn protocol, could offer much better security and an excellent customer experience if implemented correctly. Transmit Security has supported passkeys from day one!

Risk-Based Authentication

Automatically collect signals about potentially compromised accounts or sessions and only ask users to re-authenticate or add authentication steps when a real risk is detected. Transmit Security offers the most advanced Risk, Trust, Fraud, Bot, and Behavior (RTFBB) engine. Using our engine, you can protect your customers and minimize friction. Depending on your risk profile and regulatory environment, you can easily choose the type of authentication your customers would need to go through when different risks are detected. We’re cyber security and fraud experts and can provide your customers with the ultimate frictionless yet secure experience.

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Transmit Security invented the concept of Identity Orchestration and Identity Journeys over eight years ago. With orchestration, you could easily configure decisions, such as which authentication options your customers are presented with or when additional authentication factors are needed in the customer journey. Orchestration is the perfect place to glue together risk, trust, and authentication. Based on the multiple risk and trust signals built into the platform, you could easily decide when signals or a combination of signals lead to a different authentication experience.

Single Sign-On and Federation

A single login experience across all your applications, brands, IdPs, and SPs, regardless of how they’re configured or what standards they use. Users authenticate once, and the authentication token can be consumed by all your applications based on policy. Create a single authentication hub for your users to reduce friction and gain better control of security and risk.

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PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication

Strong customer authentication (SCA) is a requirement of the EU Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) on payment service providers within the European Economic Area. Regulatory requirements in other parts of the world are very similar in nature. The requirement ensures that electronic payments are performed with multi-factor authentication to increase the security of electronic payments. With Transmit Security, you can choose between various SCA-compliant MFA options to make sure you don’t just comply, but also provide the best customer experience.

Account Recovery

Regaining access to accounts when credentials are forgotten or when devices are switched could be a frustrating process for customers. A complex account recovery process could even lead to churn, as proven by many studies. With Transmit Security, customers can easily regain access to their accounts using simple verification methods. If the highest level of assurance is needed, you can also validate the customer’s identity by scanning their government identity documents, such as a driver’s license or passport, and comparing that to a selfie.

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Cross-Channel Authentication

Authenticating customers in stores, branches, and contact centers is typically more challenging than online. Leveraging the customer’s mobile device for fast and easy authentication across all channels is often the most secure and convenient authentication option. Use the Transmit Security APIs and SDKs to turn the mobile device into a cross-channel authenticator, even without installing an app.

Easy Integration

Transmit Security authentication services can be easily integrated into your existing identity stack, regardless of whether you’re using solutions from Microsoft, Okta, Ping, or others. If your identity stack includes multiple IAM solutions, Transmit Security can sit on top of them and provide a unified authentication experience across all solutions. If you’re looking for a complete identity solution and not just authentication, then the Transmit Security Platform offers the widest range of services, including user management, authorization, authentication, identity verification, identity orchestration, risk, trust, fraud, bots, and behavior.
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Sample List of Authentication Options

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