Make opening an account painless
and easy with BindID.

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Register Without a

No more hard-to-remember passwords that require character minimums and special symbols. BindID helps a customer to open an account in seconds using the built-in biometric reader on their device.

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Accelerate Customer

Instead of getting hung up on complex registration requirements, customers using BindID can rapidly verify their identity when shopping online or enjoying your services.

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Drive Customers to
Your Offerings

Many potential customers will go elsewhere if they’re forced to register an account. By making account opening easy and painless, BindID encourages customers to keep moving toward your products and services.

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How it works

Customers using BindID can passwordlessly register and log in through your existing app, site or service using the biometric reader on their device. The FIDO2 strong authentication standard ensures that their biometrics don’t become an “invisible” password that can be captured in transit. Instead, pairs of cryptographic keys are used to bridge the gap between user and service provider. The biometric data never even leaves their device.

The BindID service seamlessly integrates into your authentication process with or without an existing app. A customer only needs to respond to a challenge for biometrics on their device, and they’re in! BindID uses the biometric data that is already on the device, meaning no configuration is required.

How BindID solves the password problem

BindID is the only passwordless solution that allows customers to register and log in without a password existing in any part of the process — not even as vulnerable biometric data on the back end. Unlike traditional identity implementations, BindID is built with rapid account opening in mind: customers can go from initial registration back to enjoying your products and services in just a few clicks or taps.

BindID delivers strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) on any supported device and across all channels, including non-digital channels such as in-person kiosks and call centers. Unique digital keys are used in place of a customer’s actual biometrics, keeping their private information secure.

While similar identity solutions take months or years to develop, BindID is fast to deploy, requiring as little as weeks and as few as one developer to enter production. By eliminating the overhead from password-related support issues and infrastructure, BindID provides a cost-effective and rapid-fire solution.

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How Identity Experiences Accelerate Growth

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Reduce Customer

Complex login requirements can cause friction and increase customer attrition. Keep your customers focused on your products and services instead of troubleshooting frustrating password problems.

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Eliminate Support

Reduce the operating costs associated with call centers, password resets and overcomplicated identity stacks. BindID makes it easier to implement an organic authentication experience without the hassle of extensive infrastructure.

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Rapidly Deploy a

Implementing a traditional passwordless solution takes a generous budget, years of development and armies of developers. Instead of wasting precious time and resources, BindID can help you quickly achieve passwordless authentication within weeks.


Passwordless authentication is the process of verifying a user’s identity with something other than a password. A viable alternative to password-based authentication is the use of biometric information such as face or fingerprint.

Yes. As passwordless authentication removes the use of passwords altogether (the root cause of 81% of security breaches) it is more secure by its very nature.

Unlike passwords that can be easily guessed and therefore lead to compromised accounts can be compromised or SMS codes and email links can be intercepted, passwordless authentication relies on the users unique biometric information which can’t be altered, compromised or stolen.

Yes. Passwordless authentication is an excellent solution for both workforces and enterprise. It solves the issue of security and improves the identity experience which in turn improves the entire customer experience.

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