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Case Study
Global bank takes 200 million customers passwordless with Transmit Security

A multi-trillion dollar global banking giant, well-known innovator and pacemaker for banks and Fintechs around the world offers its digital services to 200 million banking...

Citi & Transmit Security:
The Power of Partnership

In this video, Head of Citi Ventures Arvind Purushotham explains:“In a large company like Citi, in which we have several thousand apps, the authorization and...

On-Demand Webinar
This Month in Cyber & Identity Security

Legacy IAM and Zero Trust won’t cut it. Analysts call for a convergence of cybersecurity & identity. Find out how we got here & why...

Case Study
Nationale-Nederlanden Simplifies & Strengthens CIAM with Identity Orchestration

Nationale-Nederlanden (NN), a trusted insurance and banking company in 11 countries, needed a solution that not only complied with PSD2 and KYC/AML regulations, but also...

Case Study
Leading US bank achieves 1300% ROI with Transmit Security

This top US bank was using three fraud detection tools, which had overlooked 10,000+ fraudulent accounts. In a one-month trial, the bank’s existing solutions detected...

Case Study
Regate Revives their Brand Image and Customer Trust with Transmit Security

Designed as a “cockpit”, Regate’s all-in-one SaaS solution streamlines accounting practices. All facets of their accounting platform are designed to value the accountants’ experience, time...

Elevate Azure AD B2C with Passwordless MFA

See how one-touch MFA enables customers to quickly open new accounts and log in with fingerprint or facial ID, passkeys or other strong passwordless methods....

Reduce Retail Login Friction and Secure Customer Transactions with Passwordless and MFA Services

Deliver a truly passwordless authentication experience In this brief discover how Transmit Security Passwordless and MFA Services enables businesses to offer multiple strong authentication methods...

2022 Leadership Compass for Passwordless Authentication

KuppingerCole evaluates passwordless solutions Analysts compared 25 vendors and chose ‘Overall Leaders’ based on product functionality, innovation, market presence and financial position. The report states,...

White Papers
The Divergence of Customer IAM and Workforce IAM

One fundamental difference: control Companies manage and limit the devices employees use. But customers expect the freedom to log in with any device they choose....

Security and Risk Management Leaders’ Guide to Online Fraud Detection and Identity Proofing

Organizations that modernize their identity environment with multiple vendors, ultimately discover it’s expensive, complicated and leaves security gaps. This Gartner research report provides guidance for...

Case Study
Italian Insurance Provider Cattolica Assicurazioni Modernizes Authentication with Transmit Security

Cattolica Assicurazioni used a legacy authentication architecture that lacked scalability, simplicity and flexibility. As their incumbent solution approached its end of life, they needed a...

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