BindID Brought Accessible Banking to Disabled Adults

Here’s How We Helped a European Bank,

Customers of European bank BRED  struggled to log in to the online portal for their payment keyring service, an accessible banking program which allows users to make payments with a small contactless device. 

The only customer authentication service BRED found that met their requirements of
no usernames, no passwords, and no app was BindID from Transmit Security.

In just seven days, their service began delivering accessible, password-free banking while simultaneously decreasing operating costs, support call volume and fraud risk. 

  • 7 days to integrate BindID
  • 0 usernames or passwords
  • No third-party applications to download


Why BRED Chose Transmit Security’s BindID

“We chose BindID from Transmit Security because it is the only solution that meets our three needs: no login, no password, no third-party app to download.” 

Alexandre Dupont-Vernon, Head of Innovation at BRED


Explore the full case study to learn how BindID eliminated complexity from BRED’s customer login process and helped them deliver a passwordless customer authentication service. 

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