Citi & Transmit Security:
The Power of Partnership

In this video, Citi Ventures & Citigroup talk about today’s cyber threats and how Transmit Security solves complex identity challenges.

In this video, Head of Citi Ventures Arvind Purushotham explains:
“In a large company like Citi, in which we have several thousand apps, the authorization and authentication system was very fragmented, so when we came across Transmit Security that built a modern system that was modular that could plug into many many systems and could be a uniform platform that every application uses.” 

“Trust and protecting people’s assets is job one …We needed a solution that could bring the best of breed within the industry together into one capability. And that’s what Transmit really offers us.”

Citigroup, Global Head of Cyber Security Services John Miller

As a long-term customer, Citi continues to expand implementation of Transmit Security services. At a Gartner IAM talk, “Rolling Out Passwordless to 200 Million Banking Clients in 160 Countries,” Citi shared key insights on their journey and partnership with Transmit Security.

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