Global bank takes 200 million customers passwordless with Transmit Security

See how they improved their user experience, security and finances with unified, truly passwordless logins across applications.

A multi-trillion dollar global banking giant, well-known innovator and pacemaker for banks and Fintechs around the world offers its digital services to 200 million banking clients via 7 separate applications. Each application had a different login experience which made it difficult to unify and simplify the user experience.

With Transmit Security Authentication Services, the bank’s clients now log in with FIDO2 Web Authentication and passkeys for a secure and frictionless login experience across all applications and devices.

As a result, the bank has:

  • Exponentially improved user experience by eliminating unnecessary challenges
  • Improved security thus establishing a higher level of client trust
  • Improved efficiency and cut costs by consolidating multiple authentication and risk tools into one solution
  • Reduced call center volume and enabled customer support to better serve their clients

Read the full case study to learn why their success has pushed them to extend Transmit Security Authentication Services into the Call Center and Risk-based Authentication.

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