Italian Insurance Provider Cattolica Assicurazioni Modernizes Authentication with Transmit Security

Here’s How We Helped Cattolica Assicurazioni Do It!

Cattolica Assicurazioni used a legacy authentication architecture that lacked scalability, simplicity and flexibility. As their incumbent solution approached its end of life, they needed a new orchestration solution to modernize their authentication. Because exceptional customer experience was a core business requirement for the insurer, they needed a solution that was both secure and user-friendly.

They required a new orchestration service for customer, employee and agent authentication that could be implemented quickly. Cattolica Assicurazioni also prioritized the ability to provide a simpler customer experience and reduce overhead costs.

By replacing their legacy CIAM orchestration solution with Embedded Orchestration alongside Passwordless and MFA from Transmit Security, Cattolica Assicurazioni was able to:

  • Adopt a stronger security posture
  • Improve the entire customer experience with passwordless authentication
  • Meet MFA requirements without any added friction
  • Increase stability

Explore the full case study to learn how Transmit Security modernized Cattolica Assicurazioni’s authentication architecture, empowering them to offer extensibility, flexibility, integration and a simpler customer experience across their identity stack.

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