Your CIAM Project
and the Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many times, enterprises take on new CIAM projects without fully understanding the entire scope of the task ahead. What starts out as a two month project turns into a two year never ending story. Watch as Transmit Security’s Co-Founder and CEO, Mickey Boodaei points out the mistakes you should avoid to ensure impactful results.

Mickey is the CEO and Co-Founder of Transmit Security where he passionately leads the product and development teams in Tel Aviv, Israel. As a pioneer and serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience, Mickey has co-founded leading cyber companies such as Imperva (IMPV) and Trusteer (acquired by IBM in 2013). Mickey has invested in over a dozen startups in the field, including Aorato (now part of Microsoft), Hyperwise and Lacoon (now part of Check Point) and FireGlass (now part of Symantec).

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