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Webinar: Is It Time to Panic? Attackers Are Leveraging ChatGPT – But Security Can Too

With a carefully worded prompt, it’s possible to trick ChatGPT to write malicious code or pinpoint vulnerabilities in code you provide. So is it time...

Vendor Consolidation
Simplify and Strengthen Identity Security with Vendor Consolidation

When it comes to identity security, the stakes are high. A single data breach can result in significant financial losses, regulatory fines, and damage to...

Fraud & Risk
Detection and Response with iOS and Android SDKs

With the increased usage of mobile devices for sensitive transactions, including banking and working, the threat of mobile device fraud has grown significantly, requiring the...

What Does Google’s Passkeys Rollout Mean for Your Business?

Efforts to phase out passwords gained a burst of momentum this week as Google rolled out passkeys, a secure and frictionless form of password-free login...

Fraud & Risk
Securing Mobile Devices with Mobile Native Detection

As mobile app usage continues to increase, so does the potential for fraud. Fraudsters are finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in mobile devices that...

Securing the User Lifecycle for Passkeys With Transmit Security

In the face of increased data breaches and account takeover attacks, there is a growing need for authentication methods that guard against phishing, credential stuffing,...

Fraud & Risk
Combat Fraud with Mobile Emulator Detection

A mobile emulator is software that mimics the hardware and software functionalities of smartphones. Although they have legitimate uses, such as developing and testing mobile...

Fraud & Risk
Solving AI’s Black-Box Problem with Explainable AI and SHAP Values

One of the key challenges in fraud detection today is the black box nature of AI-powered detection services. Designed to help teams quickly detect complex...

How Will Generative AI Reshape European Privacy Regulations?

The development of generative AI models, such as OpenAI’s GPT series, has opened up new avenues of innovation, offering numerous applications in various industries. However,...

Fraud & Risk
Protecting Customers from Device Takeover Attacks

Whether it’s preventing friction that can lead to customer dropoffs, strengthening authentication through the use of two-factor authentication or securing remote workers, the ability to...

Top 5 Analyst Talks (Our Favs) at Gartner® IAM and Key Recommendations for Customer Identity

Every year at Gartner IAM, we hear new buzzwords and concepts that catch our attention, luring us to attend another analyst session. This year, the...

Gartner IAM Talk: TIAA on Orchestration
Gartner IAM Talk: Breaking down Silos – How TIAA Uses Orchestration to Consolidate CIAM

In order to cut costs and complexity, 75% of organizations are planning to consolidate cybersecurity, according to analysts. Consolidation, done right, also closes security gaps...

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