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To compete in today’s digital market, you need a customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution that not only fortifies security and simplifies the customer experience (CX), but is easy to configure, manage and maintain.

This same solution must provide visibility, flexibility and control to unify and manage identities, ensure compliance and evolve as regulations, threats, customer expectations change.

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Leverage a unified, cloud-native service

You don’t need to break the bank or spend years in development to deliver future-ready CIAM. Leverage a unified, cloud-native platform to guide and protect users through every stage of authentication and recovery. You’ll achieve everything your customers crave in days. Upgrade your CIAM environment with the speed, efficiency and unparalleled configurability to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Purpose-built for identity pros who crave customization

Rather than forcing you to change your policies to meet our platform’s design, we’ve created a solution that you can shape however you want, whenever you want. No more waiting weeks or months for simple policy changes. No more struggling to force incompatible vendors to work together.

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Upgrade to a CIAM platform that won't go obsolete

Technological turnover can be a massive weight on companies looking for long-term solutions. We’ve built our platform to be cloud-native, adaptable and easy to upgrade. Instead of paying into a service with no plan or trajectory, invest in CIAM that you can rely on for years to come.

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Modern user store with maximal flexibility

In order to support a continuously growing user-base and seasonal or occasional surges in usage, Transmit Security has built a modern micro-services-based CIAM solution, which is able to auto-scale any of the core authentication, user management and authorization services and enable smooth business continuity.

Unlike LDAP and directory-based technologies which were invented dozens of years ago and have strict limitations when it comes to modern applications’ use cases, Transmit Security is based on a completely different and modernized technology that supports all use cases out of the box.

Gain a single source of truth for identities

Customers shouldn’t have to register multiple accounts with your business, and IT administrators shouldn’t have to deal with the mess or reconcile duplications. This leads to unnecessary friction and customer frustration.

A single source of truth in a centralized user store is the solution but is more difficult than it sounds. Transmit Security has years of experience in creating a single source of truth for the largest and most complex organizations in the world. This requires a unified and flexible user store, the most advanced orchestration capabilities and the correct processes in place.

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Authorization & User Management Services

Deliver personalized customer identity experiences, improve access confidence and consolidate identity silos.

Single Sign-On and Federation

Provide a single login experience across all your applications, brands, IdPs and SPs, regardless of how they’re configured or what standards they use. Users authenticate once, and the authentication token can be consumed by all your applications based on policy. Create a single authentication hub for your users to reduce friction and gain better control of security and risk.

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All authentication methods in a single service

Choose between passwordless and passkeys, social login, magic links, OTP or passwords. Decide which login options are available to your customers and easily add more options. You can go completely passwordless or try a hybrid of password and passwordless options.

Easily migrate from other solutions

Migrating your users from your existing user store is not as hard as it may sound. We’ve built migration tools and procedures that allow you to quickly and easily migrate existing users and transparently onboard them in the Transmit Security CIAM Platform.

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Orchestrate identity journeys

Transmit Security invented the concept of Identity Orchestration and Identity Journeys and has been leading CIAM innovation ever since. With Identity Orchestration, you could build workflows for customer onboarding, customer login, specific use cases or scenarios. For example, you can select which authentication options to offer your customers during registration and login. You can also decide when additional authentication factors are needed in the customer journey.

Orchestration is essential to glue together risk, trust and authentication. Based on the multiple risk and trust signals built into the platform, you could easily decide when signals or a combination of signals lead to a different authentication experience.

Ensure only legitimate customers open, access, change, recover and transact with their accounts

The complete Transmit Security CIAM Platform continuously runs risk and trust assessments — powered by multi-method detection — to accurately identify bots, fraud tools and suspicious activity in real time. To achieve this, the service correlates current and past data on threats plus the individual customer’s typical behaviors, devices and network. Trigger real-time action in moments of risk throughout your user journeys.

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Enterprise-grade & standards-based

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