Verify customers’ identities during onboarding and beyond.

Verify customers’ identities during onboarding and beyond
Identity Verification

Verify Legitimate Customers Quickly

A deep yet fast document inspection examines every detail to discern if the ID is authentic and unaltered. Biometric matching compares the selfie and ID photo to determine if they match. Automated background checks rapidly screen AML & PEP watch lists, so you don’t have to.

Key Benefits

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Enroll more customers

An assisted self-service journey makes it easy for customers to establish trust. More people enroll if given only a few simple steps.

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Accelerate time to market

Modular technology services and developer-friendly APIs make it easy to add and optimize verification flows with a few lines of code.

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Solidify security

Gain visibility & control with Identity Verification built into the fabric of a complete CIAM platform.

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Simplify compliance

Rigorous but rapid background checks screen global watch lists, like PEP and AML. Know your customer (KYC) with confidence.

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Prevent fraud

Biometric matching, liveness detection, vision AI, and other smart tools discern if the individual and their photo ID are legitimate.

Transmit’s Identity Verification Key Features

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How Identity Verification Works

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Document Scanning

Customers scan the front and back of their government identity documents using their mobile device’s camera.

Our SDK will walk them through the process with feedback, even if they haven’t scanned a document before. We automatically detect the quality of the photo before it’s submitted.

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Document Classification

We automatically classify the document based on the type of document and the country. We support more than 10,000 different types of documents, so wherever your customers are and whatever document they use, we’ve got you covered.

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Document Authentication

The ID’s authenticity is checked using over 150 weighted analyses and machine learning applications to detect fake and tampered IDs.

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Face Liveness

Customers are asked to take a selfie that is passively checked for liveness to make sure fraudsters are not using your customers’ photos during the process.

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Face and Selfie Comparison

The selfie is compared to the customer’s photo on the government ID to make sure the person in the document is the same person who is trying to enroll.

Identity Verification - Stop ATO fraud in real time

Stop ATO fraud in real time

Ensure only legitimate customers open accounts, change account settings, recover their accounts, or make high-risk transactions.

Strengthen security with our Account Protection Service which runs continuous risk and trust assessments. When device, network, or behavior anomalies are detected, Identity Verification step-ups can be triggered.

Transmit Account Protection analyzes a device’s IP address, geolocation, and behavior, along with dozens of other parameters to expose IP spoofing, proxies, and VPNs during account opening and throughout the customer lifecycle. Automatically detect spoofed and emulated devices, remote access tools (RATs), and signs of malicious activity.

Orchestrate Customer Onboarding

Transmit Security’s orchestration engine allows you to build, test, and optimize customer onboarding processes with no code. Transmit Orchestration combines 150+ data sources with global coverage into a single process that lets you make automated decisions with precision. 

Solve the complexities of global regulatory requirements by using a single platform to validate customer identities with trusted data sources. Meet KYC, AML, sanctions, and PEP requirements by comparing user data against global and local databases.

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Register Customer for Passwordless Authentication

During the onboarding process, you can register your customers for passwordless authentication using Passkeys. This allows your customers to use fingerprint and face recognition technologies, supported by the device to log into your services the next time they visit any of your applications and channels.

One of the biggest challenges with returning users is “Forgot My Password.” When customers register with a password, they often choose one that they don’t remember the next time they visit your website or application. This results in customer abandonment for clients who are not yet used to your service. By registering them to passwordless authentication with Passkeys, you will ensure they can log in the next time they visit.

Key Use Cases

New Account Onboarding

Support the various identity verification requirements in each region when opening new accounts.

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Age Verification

Check if customers meet age restrictions based on their government-issued ID documents.

Driver Verification

Globally verify driving licenses for drivers, renters, and ride-sharers.

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Fraud Prevention

Add an additional authentication step based on government identity documents and selfie comparisons.

Simple and Quick Integration

Transmit’s Identity Verification REST APIs can be easily integrated into any application. Developers have full control over the user interface, so the verification process won’t deviate from your look and feel.

Customer experience is also under your full control thanks to Transmit’s advanced orchestration capabilities, which allow you to decide how your application behaves during the verification process and how failures and risk signals impact the customer experience.

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