Instantly validate customer identity details.

Automate background checks for accurate results in a split second. Transmit Security’s Identity Validation API easily connects to external data sources as well as your own internal data to validate identities and build a comprehensive customer profile. The service simplifies and expedites account registration to comply with global regulations, stop fraud and protect your business.

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All the data you need in a single API

We did the heavy lifting of identifying, partnering with and integrating all the leading data validation sources globally, so you don’t have to. You simply select the data sources you want to use and  set rules to process the results — for automated decisioning.


Simultaneous validation

Each data type, such as an email address, physical address and phone number, may require validation using a different source or multiple validation sources per type across various regions. Our service runs all of these checks simultaneously so you don’t need to worry about speed and aggregation.


Global coverage

Onboard customers from around the globe with all the checks you would need to comply with global and regional regulations. Build customized rules that establish criteria for qualifying or disqualifying an individual from onboarding with your business. Our service processes results and delivers decisions directly to your applications.

Simple user interface

Design the workflow you need — without any coding. Easily add new data sources with our intuitive graphical UI. Set granular rules without involving your developers. Your applications can leverage instant background checks without the complexity of integrating various sources and coding the decisioning logic.


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How it works


Single API call

To run a background check, your application collects the individual’s identity information, such as the customer’s name, address, email, phone number and/or date of birth, and sends the data to our service. The service validates the information and returns the results to your application instantly. It pulls from dozens of sources through one API, removing complexity and overhead.


Configure data sources

Select the data sources you want to use in order to validate the different types of information sent by your applications. You can choose from our extensive list of leading, authoritative identity validation providers from around the globe.


Configure decisioning rules

Before returning the results to the application, you can apply various rules to the results and return your customized decisions back to the application. For example, you can decide that if a certain data source returns a specific risk for the phone number, the application receives a “Reject” response.

Key Benefits

Modular, Plug-and-Play
Identity Services

Put your customers’ secure identity — and their experience — at the center of your strategy by implementing Identity Validation with Transmit Security’s robust and modular Identity services.

Instantly validate customer identity details.

Implement Identity Validation along with our Identity Verification Service to onboard customers with the highest level of assurance. A deep yet fast government document inspection examines every detail to discern if the ID is authentic and unaltered. Biometric matching compares the selfie and ID photo to determine if they match. 

Stop ATO fraud in real time

Ensure only legitimate customers open new accounts, log in, change account settings, recover their accounts or make high-risk transactions.

Strengthen security with our Risk, Trust, Fraud, Bot, Behavior (RTFBB) Detection Service which runs continuous assessments to spot fraud or elevate trust before, during and after authentication. When device, network or behavior anomalies are detected, Identity Validation and/or Identity Verification step-ups can be triggered.

Transmit Security analyzes a device’s IP address, geolocation and behavior, along with hundreds of other parameters to detect risk during account opening and throughout the customer lifecycle. It automatically detects IP and device spoofing, device emulators, proxies, VPNs, remote access tools (RATs) and other signs of malicious activity.

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Orchestrate customer onboarding

Transmit Security’s orchestration engine allows you to build, test and optimize customer onboarding processes with no code. Transmit Security Identity Orchestration combines 150+ data sources with global coverage into a single process that lets you make automated decisions with precision. 

Solve the complexities of global regulatory requirements by using a single platform to validate customer identities with trusted data sources. Meet KYC, AML, sanctions, and PEP requirements by comparing user data against global and local databases.

Integrate internal and
external sources

Integrating internal and external data sources through one platform simplifies the work for your developers. The service can call your internal databases and web services as well as any chosen external services simultaneously and then allow you to aggregate the results, build run-time rules that process the results and deliver each to act-on decisions to your applications.

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Register customers for passwordless authentication

During the onboarding process, you can register your customers for passwordless authentication using passkeys. This allows your customers to use on-device fingerprint and facial recognition technologies to log into your services the next time they visit any of your applications and channels.

One of the biggest challenges with returning users is “Forgot My Password.” When customers register with a password, they often choose one that they don’t remember the next time they visit your website or application. This results in customer abandonment and lost revenue. By registering them to passwordless authentication with passkeys, you will ensure they can log in the next time — and every time — they visit.

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