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Identity Orchestration

Transmit Security is the Leading Identity Orchestration Solution for Enterprises

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We Innovated and We Lead the Space

Transmit Security invented the concept of Identity Orchestration and Identity Journeys more than eight years ago. Organizations seeking constant innovation, best-in-class, and thought leadership choose Transmit Security.

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We Get in Where Others Fail

Whether you’re using Okta, Ping Identity, Forgerock, or any other identity platform, Transmit Orchestration is typically layered on top to resolve complexity and make your identity projects successful.

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Unparalleled Experience

We’ve run hundreds of orchestration projects across the world. There are no use cases or challenges we haven’t encountered and resolved. Our team of experts and professional services engineers have seen it all and will make sure your project is successful. Experience is everything in orchestration.

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Used by eight of the top ten financial organizations in the US

The biggest and most important organizations in the world choose Transmit Security. They choose us because of our wealth of features, extensive experience, unparalleled innovation, and proven platform stability.

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The Most Reliable Identity Orchestration Solution

Transmit Orchestration has been in production for over eight years and is used by the largest organizations in the world. We orchestrate hundreds of millions of customer interactions every day, including the most sensitive transactions in the world. We orchestrate the most complex policies of the most significant organizations in the world, and we do it reliably, at scale.

What Is Identity Orchestration?

Identity orchestration allows you to offload identity logic and workflows from your application. Instead of writing code, you can graphically design workflows for authentication, identity proofing, and fraud detection.
Identity Orchestration - What Is Identity Orchestration

Identity Orchestration Benefits

Identity Orchestration - See The Whole Picture

See the Whole Picture

Orchestration is your command center for identity. It allows you to see all your applications and channels in a central location and the customer identity journeys and policies used by each one.

These journeys are visualized and easy to understand; there is no need for developer expertise. You can make changes, track changes, and understand usage, all from a central interface.

Identity Orchestration - Stay Ahead of Fraud Attacks

Stay Ahead of Fraud Attacks

Orchestration allows you to bring together fraud signals, decisions, and mitigation controls like various types of authenticators and identity verification technologies.

Here, you can decide which signals to use, how to correlate them, which actions to take, and when and how. You can make changes fast and react to any attack.

Identity Orchestration - Design the Perfect User

Design the Perfect User Experience

Easily build workflows for your customer-facing identity experiences, from customer onboarding to login, payments, and more.

Easily integrate risk signals and risk decisioning, modern authentication methods, frictionless 2-factor authentication flows, best-in-class identity verification methods, and more.

Identity Orchestration - Integrate once and use anywhere

Integrate Once, Use Everywhere

Create a single integration hub that communicates with your multiple identity-related services. Build the logic that ties these services together using simple graphical interfaces. Make the hub available to all your applications without the need to code each interaction into each application.
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Change Security Logic with No dependencies

Security and fraud prevention requirements change constantly and may impact customer experience. You need a system that allows you to make these changes fast, tests their impact on customer experience, and does so without a dependency on code. Orchestration enables you to rapidly deploy, test, and iterate.
Identity Orchestration - What Capabilities Does Transmit Orchestration Offer

What Capabilities Does Transmit Orchestration Offer?

How Does Identity Orchestration Work?

Identity Orchestration - Applications

Integrate Your Applications and Channels

Simple APIs and SDKs allow you to call orchestration journeys for customer onboarding, login, transactions, payments, checkout, and more.

Identity Orchestration - Design your journeys

Design Your Journeys

Drag and drop flow connectors and design workflows and experiences based on your organization’s requirements.

Identity Orchestration - Identity Sources

Connect Your Identity Sources

Select identity and data sources from multiple identity providers, databases, risk signals, authenticators, and web services using a simple UI.

Identity Orchestration - Testing

Easily Test, Change, and Monitor

Use enterprise-grade interfaces to deploy journeys for testing, including A/B testing. Make changes and optimize the outcome of your journeys as needed. Push changes to production and monitor performance with built-in, instant rollback capabilities when needed.

Why Do I Need Identity Orchestration?

Identity orchestration is the right solution for you if you have multiple applications, multiple channels, and specific requirements around customer registration, login, risk, fraud, and payments.

Orchestration makes it easy to build specific user journeys and security policies across various applications and channels with a no-code solution. This simplifies complexity and creates agility across your organization.

De-couple Applications from Identity for Good

Identity could become complex once integrated into your various applications and channels. Decisioning logic embedded in code and multiple integrations of different services and SDK could result in slow progress when requirements come in. With orchestration, your identity logic and workflows are completely detached from your applications, allowing you to evolve constantly without dependencies.
Identity Orchestration - Decouple Applications from Identity for Good
Identity Orchestration - Collaborate on Journeys and Policies

Collaborate on Journeys and Policies

Identity involves various skills across the organization. Form product managers, user experience experts, and security and fraud specialists to application architects. Transmit’s orchestration solution allows multiple personas to collaborate in building and tuning your identity experiences and policies using visual no-code tools.

Break Free from Vendor Lock-In

Embedding multiple identity solutions into your applications could eventually lead to vendor lock-in. Removing these solutions or replacing them after a few years requires a lot of design, coding, and testing work. Enterprises are often forced to renew, even if they prefer to replace. By having all the integrations de-coupled from your application, the task of removing or replacing a solution becomes simple and fast.
Identity Orchestration - Break Free From Vendor Lock In
Identity Orchestration - Avoid Repeating the Same Work

Avoid Repeating the Same Work

Avoid integrating multiple identity suppliers into each of your applications and coding similar logic and policies repeatedly. Identity orchestration provides a central hub for all your identity decisions and integrations. Streamline multi-vendor architectures without custom coding.

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