Keep customer accounts safe and in
the right hands.

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Protect Customer

Unlike easily stolen passwords, BindID’s biometric authentication leaves nothing for hackers to target. BindID uses the FIDO2 strong authentication standard, which makes it impossible to intercept or hack customers’ biometric data.

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Reduce Privacy

BindID won’t collect user data to track customers between sites or sessions. Biometric data never leaves customer devices, relieving you of the financial and regulatory burdens of storing their most sensitive data.

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Cut Fraud and
Churn Costs

Nearly a third of customers will abandon a company completely if their account is hacked, resulting in potential lost sales. With no threat vector left for fraudsters to target, the cost of restoring compromised accounts and unauthorized purchases vanishes.


How it works

BindID thwarts would-be hackers and cyber criminals by leaving them with no passwords, user IDs or SMS one-time passcodes to target. Unlike similar solutions, only BindID is designed from the ground up with passwordless architecture in mind — completely eliminating passwords from both the front and back ends. With BindID, your customers can quickly verify their identity on any app, site or service using the biometric scanner on their device.

The BindID authentication service can easily integrate into your existing login process with or without an app. Customers simply answer a challenge on their device for biometrics, and they’re given access! BindID can automatically access the existing biometric authentication on their device to shorten registration time.

Why BindID?

BindID is the only passwordless solution that truly eliminates passwords from the entire login process. Account takeovers become impossible when BindID’s passwordless architecture goes up against credential-based cyber threats. Meanwhile, customers can get back to enjoying your products and services faster than ever, driving revenue through a better user experience.

Unlike typical identity management solutions, BindID is quick to deploy, requiring as little as weeks and as few as one developer to enter production. By eliminating the overhead from password-related support issues and infrastructure, BindID provides a cost-effective and rapid-fire solution.



Passwordless authentication is the process of verifying a user’s identity with something other than a password. A viable alternative to password-based authentication is the use of biometric information such as face or fingerprint.

Yes. As passwordless authentication removes the use of passwords altogether (the root cause of 81% of security breaches) it is more secure by its very nature.

Unlike passwords that can be easily guessed and therefore lead to compromised accounts can be compromised or SMS codes and email links can be intercepted, passwordless authentication relies on the users unique biometric information which can’t be altered, compromised or stolen.

Yes. Passwordless authentication is an excellent solution for both workforces and enterprise. It solves the issue of security and improves the identity experience which in turn improves the entire customer experience.

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