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Improve the Customer

Meet your customers wherever they are. BindID’s cross channel login experience ensures customers can easily log in, browse or check out from any app, supported device or channel — without being forced to remember complicated passwords.

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Eliminate Identity

Passwordless cross channel login allows customers to effortlessly move between apps, supported devices or channels without any password-related roadblocks. No more forgotten passwords or dreaded resets.

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Keep Customers

By removing all password-related friction, customers can enjoy an uninterrupted online experience. Picking up where they left off is easy especially when flipping between devices. Cross channel login ensures a unified user experience which in turn builds brand awareness and trust.

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How it works

BindID guides customers through a seamless registration and login process that completely eliminates passwords. Using the biometric reader on their device, your customers can quickly verify their identity on any existing app, site or service. Customers have the option to extend or link trust between any number of devices.

The FIDO2 strong authentication standard ensures that their biometrics don’t become an “invisible” password that can be captured in transit. Instead, pairs of cryptographic keys are used to bridge the gap between user and service provider. The biometric data never even leaves their device.

BindID authentication seamlessly integrates into your login process with or without an app. All a customer has to do is answer a prompt for biometrics, and they’re in! BindID uses the existing biometric data on their device, so verification is instant and effortless.

The solution

BindID is the only passwordless solution that meets customers wherever they are, on any supported device, channel or app. With BindID’s built-in identity portability, customers have the flexibility to transfer trust between supported devices and easily skip the registration process. BindID makes it easier to engage with your customers and drive revenue through every available channel.

BindID provides strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) on any device and across all channels, including non-digital channels like kiosks and call centers. Specialized digital keys ensure that your customers’ biometrics will never leave their devices, keeping their personal information private and secure.

Unlike typical identity management solutions, BindID is quick to deploy, requiring as little as weeks and as few as one developer to enter production. By eliminating the overhead from password-related support issues and infrastructure, BindID provides a cost-effective and rapid-fire solution.

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The industry approves

How Cross Channel Authentication Improves Your Growth

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Meet Customers Where
They Are

No matter where your customers go, you’ll be able to engage them on any supported device, channel or app. Drive revenue and customer loyalty by making authentication available where it’s most convenient — on a smartphone, Windows PC, Mac or even via a physical kiosk.

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Extend Access to Every

BindID extends security to any channel — even non-digital ones! Instead of forcing customers to choose between different authentication methods for different devices, BindID transfers trust easily and can be used to log in on using a supported device during a user’s session on another.

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Improve Ease of Use &

Customers using BindID are treated to a wowful authentication experience that completely removes passwords from the equation, meaning no more complex requirements or account resets. With no passwords in transit or within databases, cyber criminals have nothing to intercept or steal. BindID keeps customers safe and coming back for more.


A cross channel experience integrates all possible touchpoints to create a seamless customer experience across multiple channels. This way, the customer enjoys a consistent experience regardless of their chosen path.

Cross channel authentication relies on one single solution that’s familiar and convenient to authenticate customers across various applications, devices and locations.

A cross channel experience is imperative for businesses in order to offer customers a unified experience and thereby build trust along the way at every touchpoint both online and offline. An optimal customer experience aims to give customers control over their journey. Cross channel authentication enables tailored journeys where customers are able to pick up where they left off without any friction.

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