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Why I Joined Transmit Security

A Journey From Happy Customer to Avid Employee.

I first learned of Transmit Security in the Spring of 2016. I was working at HSBC, London, UK at the time, leading the charge on a major rewrite of HSBC’s global authentication systems. We had a mix of incumbent vendor technology, coupled with home-grown legacy, sprawled across multiple global markets, all with different versions and configurations. UK Open Banking was coming, PSD2 was around the corner, and HSBC was developing an increasing appetite for biometrics, all during a significant technology transformation programme across many disciplines. There were a lot of balls in the air!

So when I was asked to look at this new thing called Transmit, to be completely honest, I didn’t even want to take the meeting. Apparently, Transmit was going to take a bunch of complexity, add something on top, so as to then make it easy. I was sceptical, and I really didn’t need the distraction.

What happened next was a watershed moment. Transmit introduced me to the very new concept of “Identity Orchestration”. This was the key! This is what helps simplify Identity and Access Management (IAM) complexity and breaks down integration challenges. Suffice to say my scepticism quickly turned to intrigue. The ability to rewire authentication flows, in real-time, and have these policies drive not only web, but native applications too! It had biometrics built in, and a risk engine to boot – both of these problems were ones that I was still struggling to solve. I had never seen anything like this before, and the possibilities and use cases were seemingly endless. 

Transmit was quite new at the time, yet they had put together an amazing foundation, all built on modern technologies, and were innovating in ways that others simply weren’t. So the decision to adopt Transmit was a no-brainer – and was soon put to work. The technology very quickly became a key enabler for the accelerated rollout of our new IAM platform into the first series of markets. 

In the following couple of years I moved on from HSBC and for the first time in my career turned my hand to general IAM consulting in both the UK and Australia. It was something I did enjoy, and I learnt a lot. But crucially, having been introduced to many more businesses, one observation became very clear, and that is that everyone is struggling with the same common IAM problems! I was seeing a repeat of the pain and frustrations that I myself had experienced building IAM in my own organisations. So I now know this for sure, IAM development and integration challenges are absolutely universal, and has become my personal mission to solve.

Fast forward to mid-2019. I was I re-introduced to Transmit and reconnected with the great team behind the technology. I have been absolutely mesmerised by how robust this technology has become. It has not only grown up, but has gone to the next level. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what it can do and the transformative power that this technology could bring to any organisation.

I simply had to become part of the Transmit crew. I had to become part of the story. The common maxim of “Believe in What You Sell” is fundamental to me joining this great company. What I’ve been searching for – the true commoditisation of IAM capability – is in the very DNA of Transmit Security.

I couldn’t be more excited or more energised to talk to you about IAM solution designs that incorporate the power of Transmit, and how it can help your business. There are 18 high-level use cases on our home page alone and there are many more to delve into for the advanced technologist. All the while, the following tagline is absolutely true – and that is that Transmit can simplify, accelerate, and reduce the cost of your identity-related projects. 

It is, and will continue to be, my absolute pleasure to show you how.