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Transmit Security Proudly Joins FIDO Alliance as a Board Member in Continuous Effort to Transform Identity Experiences

Transmit Security is proud to share that we have recently become board members of the FIDO Alliance. An open industry association that, like us, is working towards changing the nature of authentication and creating innovative technology that reduces the world’s reliance on passwords. As part of the board, we have the unique opportunity to collaborate with FIDO and industry leaders who share our same commitment to create secure, agile and user-friendly authentication.

Passwords remain in use despite the overwhelming consensus that they should be replaced. As our world continues to digitally transform and our reliance on online services is ever-increasing – the need for a passwordless experience for both security and ease-of-use is imperative. The FIDO Alliance is working towards this goal by creating open standards that are more secure than passwords and SMS OTPs, simpler for consumers to use and easier for service providers to deploy and manage.

At our core, we strive towards offering enterprises a truly secure passwordless experience for both their customers and employees. With organizations losing billions of dollars and suffering irreparable damage due to identity fraud and overly complicated authentication experiences, the need for identity protection coupled with improved user experience is higher than ever before.

identity authentication with QR and fingerprints

Through innovative technology and partners such as FIDO, Transmit Security has created identity solutions that are agile, scalable, usable and most importantly secure. Our latest solution, BindID, which incorporates FIDO2 powers businesses with the industry’s first app-less mobile authenticator that customers use to authenticate to any application or any channel. Through this exceptional technology we are able to offer a solution that welcomes the end of poor customer experience and the beginning of a new seamless and secure passwordless method of authentication.

Together with the FIDO Alliance we can continue to create identity experience focused solutions for our users, such as BindID, that incorporates the latest technology, is customer-centric and meets the demand of the identity security space.



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