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Transmit Security Achieves the Triple Crown — Now Available on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Marketplaces 

Transmit Security is now publicly available on the Google Cloud Marketplace – a significant milestone as we expand our strategic partnerships. This major step enables us to provide accessible and powerful identity security solutions across the industry’s leading cloud service providers (CSPs). 

With our availability on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and now Google Cloud Marketplace, we offer unparalleled integration flexibility, ensuring seamless implementation into your existing ecosystems. This expansion empowers companies to maximize the value of their committed cloud budgets while harnessing the leading-edge customer identity and access management (CIAM) capabilities of our security-first identity services.

In this blog, we will discuss the breadth of benefits that you can expect from our multi-cloud marketplaces availability and highlight Transmit Security’s ease of integrations. 

How does your enterprise benefit?

No matter which cloud platform your organization uses, you can benefit from our CSP partnerships. Access to Transmit Security on all three marketplaces gives you a turnkey and cost-efficient way to strengthen CIAM with leading-edge fraud prevention, using your committed cloud budgets. In doing so, you’ll streamline procurement and speed time to market while consolidating vendor management and billing.

Given that 87% of large organizations have a multi-cloud strategy, it’s likely your company relies on more than one cloud provider. Integrations with the top CSPs make it easier to implement Transmit Security across all that your business offers.

Microsoft + Transmit Security 

As a certified Microsoft ISV Partner, Transmit Security delivers dynamic anti-fraud and identity security to enhance the capabilities of Azure Active Directory(AD) B2C, and  configuration takes only a few simple steps. To secure the full customer identity lifecycle, our complete solution includes: 

  • Detection and Response Service – Provides continuous risk and trust analysis, powered by machine learning and AI to examine hundreds of telemetry streams and adapt security measures accordingly. Accurate, context-aware risk ratings enable Azure AD B2C to invoke the right action at the right time. 
  • Phishing-Resistant Authentication – Works seamlessly with Azure AD B2C to simplify and secure logins, as featured in this article on Microsoft’s Marketplace blog.
  • Identity Verification – Automates photo ID and selfie analysis to verify identities with the highest level of assurance.  
  • Orchestration Consolidates your identity stack, unifying Azure AD B2C with Transmit Security — so all solutions work as one.

AWS + Transmit Security 

You can also build on Amazon Cognito by adding any or all of the Transmit Security services listed above. Integrating our phishing-resistant authentication within Cognito apps makes it faster and easier for your customers to open new accounts and log in with fingerprint or facial ID, passkeys or other strong authentication methods.

Modern cyber-identity services, including Detection and Response, Identity Verification, Data Validation and Orchestration, provide pre-built user flows via easy-to-use APIs and SDKs, expediting the time to roll out better-together solutions.

By implementing Transmit Security Detection and Response with Amazon Verified Permissions, you can externalize authorization and monitor risk to achieve risk-based, fine-grained authorization, automating access decisions in real time. Our powerful risk engine analyzes hundreds of signals to determine risk and trust across the full identity lifecycle. If risk appears when a request should otherwise be authorized, the solution conditionally prompts the user to re-authenticate or verify their identity.

Google + Transmit Security 

Transmit Security services are now available the Google Cloud Marketplace. The expansion to the Google Cloud Marketplace marks remarkable growth in our company’s reach across the top three CSPs.

Ultimately, these partnerships enable you to optimize your committed cloud budgets and speed time to market with stronger protection against account takeovers, from session hijacking and device spoofing to credential stuffing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

The endorsement of Transmit Security

With the expansion to the Google Cloud Marketplace, Transmit Security is now the only CIAM vendor available on the 3 top marketplaces. We are honored to be recognized by AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google as a true innovator on the forefront of security first identity. 

Recognition from the leading cloud providers underscores their belief in the value that we bring to the market and our commitment to innovation. It reinforces the fact that our future-focused vision aligns with the industry’s trajectory, and it is a testament to the customers we serve and the problems that we solve effectively. 

Transmit Security’s services, available on the top 3 CSPs

By expanding your capabilities with Transmit Security’s leading edge identity security solutions, you’ll fortify protection and improve customer experiences. The synergy between any cloud provider and Transmit Security enhances your customer-facing identity solution, safeguarding your business with immediate and automated defenses against today’s most deceptive threats to their identities.

Transmit Security is able to deliver on our promise to provide customers with our platform capabilities, all seamlessly integrated into their existing environments.

As Transmit Security moves forward, this achievement serves as a resounding motivation to further elevate our standards and continue redefining the landscape of security-first identity solutions. Discover AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, and Google Cloud Marketplace to start experimenting with these powerful integrations.