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Modernizing Your Web Access Management Infrastructure

If you’re still using CA SiteMinder, IBM Tivoli Connect, Oracle Access Manager or any other legacy web access management (WAM) solution, I don’t have to remind you of the headaches of these older systems. They were built for simpler times when the Internet was new, clouds were just puffy things in the sky and APIs were yet to be conceived.

Well here we are in 2019 and we’re up to our eyes in SaaS for almost every possible application, APIs are everywhere connecting services and applications, and clouds, hybrid clouds, multi-clouds and don’t forget hybrid multi-clouds.

The humble web access manager, confined to a data center had to sit by quietly as all these new services chipped away at its relevance for nearly 20 years. Some folks tried to add features to keep them going, but the basic agent-and-server approach wasn’t designed to survive well outside of an on-premises environment.

Access Management (AM) came to the rescue with a proxy-based approach that routes traffic anywhere from servers inside the perimeter or to any destination in the cloud. When a user accesses a website, they are routed via proxy to the authentication service then off and away to their destination, wherever that may be. AM also added multi-factor authentication to shore up the weak password-based credentials used by WAM and was able to easily expand to protecting APIs.

Transmit Security’s Access Management+ offers a complete solution that provides the latest in modern access technologies, then adds real-time continuous adaptive risk decisioning and advanced programmable authentication logic for a solution that’s more secure and more adaptable than standard access management offerings. It can completely replace a legacy WAM infrastructure or integrate with existing components until they’re ready to be replaced.



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