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How to Migrate From Gigya to Transmit Security

What is Gigya?

Before being acquired by SAP in 2017, Gigya was a software company providing access and user data management solutions, mainly in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) space. Its key benefits were analytics, third-party integrations with marketing and services platforms, and user preference management.

SAP integrated Gigya’s capabilities into its existing customer data solutions. Gigya is no longer a discrete offering, but its previous functionality is now a part of the SAP CRM and security environments. Based on SAP’s product page and blog posts, Gigya’s technology is now primarily used to bolster SAP’s consent management, allowing users to manage their data more transparently.

What is Transmit Security?

Transmit Security provides cybersecurity solutions through a comprehensive, enterprise-grade CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) platform. Its services include identity verification, passwordless authentication, user management and authorization, and an account risk and trust engine. Additionally, Transmit Security’s orchestration services allow organizations to unify their security policies and control them in a quick, streamlined manner.

Transmit Security’s CIAM platform delivers improved security for account opening and account takeover defense. By increasing the assurance of a new user’s identity, the platform prevents fraudsters from registering new accounts with fake or stolen information. Existing accounts can benefit from passwordless authentication. Transmit Security analyzes hundreds of risk signals in real time, including IP reputation, device fingerprinting, and behavioral biometrics. 

Transmit Security’s CIAM platform provides a cloud-native, API-first approach to comprehensive identity security. It’s modular and scalable, meaning customers can choose which elements they want to use. 

Keeping threats at bay with risk and trust-based account protection is just one of its extensible services. The platform includes many built-in, plug-and-play solutions for identity scenarios spanning the entire user lifecycle.

Transmit Security’s CIAM platform integrates with various web and mobile applications, browsers, and other identity components (e.g., identity providers). 

Why migrate from Gigya to Transmit Security?

Efficiency, flexibility and better security. Because SAP folded Gigya into a larger product, it’s impossible to use only what you need. Companies that want Gigya’s functionality must buy into the complete SAP platform instead of choosing the parts they want. This requirement forces companies that only want Gigya to sign up for services they will never use.

While development on Gigya’s framework hasn’t necessarily stalled, it’s not as easy to upgrade the surrounding security. Working with Gigya/SAP means that companies must wait until integrations, updates, and features become available. Modernizing legacy systems on your own can be costly and time-consuming, and many companies choose to migrate to a newer, modular solution instead.

Transmit Security includes all the benefits of scalable security, including continuously updated heuristics and a modern, machine learning-based risk and trust engine. With its cloud-native architecture, Transmit Security’s CIAM platform lets you select the parts you need to solve today’s problems, then progressively build over time. Because you can deploy Transmit Security in a fraction of the usual time, you can instantly reap the benefits of increased security without struggling with a rip-and-replace solution.

How to migrate from Gigya to Transmit Security in three steps:

  1. Evaluate your current user store to ensure personal data security meets regulations.
  2. Prepare your user repository in your preferred format or use Transmit Security’s built-in tools to connect with an existing user store.
  3. Test the process to ensure stability and performance, then execute the migration.

Getting started with Transmit Security is easy, especially when migrating from Gigya. Get in touch with an identity expert today to learn more about how Transmit Security can help your organization modernize your approach to Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM).


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