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Fintech Company, WLTH, Wins Innovation Award Using Transmit Security’s Passwordless Authentication

In the last few years, there’s been an increase in nimble fintech players who have the unique ability to offer better customer service and innovative solutions — effectively disrupting traditional banking services. 

One such player is digital lending and payments provider, WLTH. The Australian company set out to create its own technology stack from scratch that delivers data analytics and other fintech capabilities to its customers. WLTH’s goal was to build a customer portal where customers could easily log in and view their entire financial portfolio. 

As they started to build their unified customer portal, WLTH knew they wanted a login experience that was both intuitive and secure — something traditional password-based authentication lacked. Fully aware of the shift to passwordless authentication and its growing use, WLTH wanted to get ahead of the curve and implement a passwordless solution that’s innovative and future-proof. 

WLTH’s Chief Technology Officer Dave Chapman explained, “Our research showed that customers are clearly ready for a passwordless login. After evaluating passwordless options available in the market today, including building our own, Transmit Security offered the only truly passwordless solution that we could get into place quickly, provide the best customer experience and the highest level of security. These are musts for any hyper-growth fintech company like WLTH.”

Right from the start, it was clear that the success of the portal relied heavily on the technology partners that were used. Therefore, selecting the best-in-breed solutions for every aspect of the portal was paramount to the outcome of the project. Ultimately, Transmit Security was selected as the chosen passwordless authentication solution provider. 

WLTH needed a solution that could scale with their rapidly growing customer base,” said Richard Metcalfe, VP, Asia Pacific and Japan at Transmit Security. “By leveraging the passwordless and MFA services within our cloud-native CIAM platform, WLTH can deliver frictionless and secure customer journeys that take its growth to new heights. On top of that, our ability to deliver both a superior customer experience & exceptional data privacy and security without compromise provided WLTH the significant competitive advantage they were looking for.”

Transmit Security’s passwordless authentication service was able to tick several boxes for WLTH including: 

  • Unmatched speed of implementation 
  • Easy and flexible integration into the rest of the portal
  • Technology based on open-source FIDO2 standards 
  • Highly-intuitive and secure customer login experience 

Every year, the Computer Weekly Innovation Awards APAC, celebrates successful technology initiatives across seven verticals. WLTH’s project was named Financial Services Project of the Year at the Computer Weekly Innovation Awards APAC 2022 for building its own technology stack that is able to deliver data analytics and other capabilities that enable WLTH to win market share from traditional banks. Transmit Security is proud to be part of the success of WLTH’s award-winning portal. 


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