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BindID: The Mobile Authenticator That’s Transforming the Identity Security Space

The journey of authentication has come a long way since the humble password. Although constantly evolving and improving, many authentication methods today still prove to be either weak or cumbersome. OTPs are convenient for users but can easily be bypassed leaving substantial security gaps. Dedicated authenticator mobile apps that rely on biometrics prove to be strong but users are hesitant to download yet another app.

In an era increasingly characterized by competition around customer convenience and experience, an authentication method is yet to exist that accommodates both the user with a seamless experience and the vendor with guaranteed bulletproof security. That is, until now. Introducing, BindID.

The future of customer authentication

bindid mobile authenticator visualisation

BindID is the industry’s first app-less mobile authenticator that uses FIDO2 certified built-in device biometrics for reliable and consistent customer authentication across every device and channel. Using innovative technology, users can finally experience a truly passwordless method of authentication without downloading any additional app. Guaranteed seamless authentication experiences every time allows for satisfied customers and an increase in customer loyalty. No matter how large your enterprise, you can effortlessly implement and scale BindID across all your channels

BindID marks the end of an era. No more multiple IDs and credentials needed for each website. No more password resets and locked accounts. For the first time ever, customers can authenticate using biometrics using just their mobile device. BindID makes authentication simple, unified and much more secure.”

Mickey Boodaei

Secure your customers across any channel

Now, your customers can experience usable security and 100% accuracy by using strong device biometrics such as face and fingerprint recognition to verify all their digital identities instantly. Enjoy a truly passwordless experience when accessing web apps, mobile apps, call centers and in-store. Remembering passwords, usernames and account resets are finally a thing of the past. Customers can effortlessly authenticate themselves using just their mobile device. No downloads, password resets or device re-enrollments just a wowful experience of ultimate usability and functionality. Read more on transforming to passwordless.

BindID welcomes the end of poor customer experience and the beginning of a new standard of identity authentication that’s seamless and secure.

Ready to implement the latest in authentication technology? Discover BindID, today!


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