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Here’s How BindID Helped a European Bank Bring Accessible Banking to Disabled Adults

Online banking is supposed to make life easier for everyone. So, when it doesn’t do that for some folks, forward-thinking banks try to figure out how to bring convenient banking a little closer to them.

That’s exactly what European bank BRED had in mind when they started their first-of-its-kind payment keyring service, which allows customers to pay for goods and services with a small contactless device.

The challenge of bringing banking closer to customers who need it

BRED had a specific audience in mind with their payment keyring service: disabled adults. The goal was to simplify banking and make it more convenient. The service was also designed to accommodate guardians who might need to log in as a proxy for the actual customer.

Unfortunately, the online portal proved difficult to access. Many customers and guardians struggled to navigate the login process or remember their passwords, and some even became locked out of their accounts entirely. To recover their accounts, they had to contact a call center while funds remained just out of reach.

Delivering more convenient banking to everyone

BRED sought Transmit Security’s BindID for its rapid deployment time and ability to completely eliminate troublesome passwords from their payment keyring portal. In just seven days, their service began delivering accessible, password-free banking to disabled adults and their guardians while simultaneously decreasing operating costs and fraud risk.

Call center volume has dropped, and the service is now able to live up to its full potential. Now backed by BindID, BRED’s payment keyring service provides a strong security posture and a significantly enhanced customer experience, allowing customers to easily log in without being forced to remember a password.

BindID achieves easy passwordless authentication for every customer

Access to convenient banking was the most important outcome of simplifying the payment keyring customer login experience. BRED’s cutting-edge service for disabled adults anticipates increased adoption, which means more customers will be able to access their finances, pay their bills and send money without getting bogged down with complex authentication requirements.

BRED plans to leverage BindID across multiple platforms to simplify the authentication and onboarding process to ultimately improve the experience, security and accessibility. The proven accessibility and operational support that BindID provides BRED demonstrates to the global financial market that convenience and security are not mutually exclusive.

The future of accessible online services for all users

Customers of all kinds and across every level of ability will soon be able to access a wide range of digital and non-digital services without struggling to log in — all with zero passwords anywhere.

Explore the full case study to learn how BindID eliminated complexity from BRED’s customer login process and helped them deliver a passwordless customer authentication service.


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