[On-Demand] Webinar: Who is Gen Z and How Are They Driving Companies to Go Passwordless?

Gen Zers are tough customers with high expectations and higher security risk. But their earnings are expected to reach ¼ of all global income by 2030, so you’ll want to meet their demands. If you can win their business, they’re most likely to post positive reviews, influence their friends and stay devoted to your brand.

Join Mickey Boodaei, CEO and Co-founder of Transmit Security, Chris Pick, CMO of Transmit Security and a panel of Gen Zers as they share insights from our survey of 600 Gen Z adults — to better understand their online preferences.

In this webinar we’ll learn directly from Gen Zers:

  • Why do they drop off so quickly 
  • Why it’s critical to secure accounts for them
  • How to give them both ease and security 
  • What they think about passwordless authentication