Transmit Security Platform Services Overview

Detection and Response Services provides a solution designed to monitor user interactions and activities in order to identify and respond to fraud and identity threats, while reducing friction for legitimate end users. This fraud detection is accomplished by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to analyze device, network, behavioral biometrics, and transactional data.

Identity Verification Services provides a solution to authenticate an end user’s identity by utilizing an Artificial Intelligence-powered combination of (a) physical identification documentation verification, (b) biometric analysis, and (c) face authentication.

Identity Management Services provides customers with a scalable and dynamic user store which enables a customer to manage its identities, while also granting comprehensive visibility over these identities, across all supported business applications.

Authentication Services offers customers a comprehensive suite of authentication methods within a single service, facilitating the development of solutions that minimize friction for legitimate end users while ensuring secure end-user experiences.

Identity Orchestration Services enables the creation and management of customer identity logic and end-user journeys (e.g. authentication, identity verification, and fraud detection) using an intuitive no-code, drag-and-drop journey builder.