This Month in Cyber & Identity Security

Legacy IAM and Zero Trust won’t cut it. Analysts call for a convergence of cybersecurity & identity. Find out how we got here & why it’s essential.

Welcome to our new webinar series!

Each month, we will cover cyber and identity security topics in 3 segments: 

  1. Cyber & identity security trends – What we’re seeing and how it impacts you 
  2. Threat intelligence & research – See the latest tactics & tools know what to expect
  3. Solutions – Hear about the latest innovations and tools to stop those threats 

In our first edition, hear from David Mahdi, our Chief Identity Officer and former Gartner analyst, on why there’s a convergence of cyber and identity. This month our presenters discuss:

  • Why identity lacks the security needed for today’s threat landscape
  • How threat actors are selling SSNs paired with a valid ID, selfie & personal data
  • How an attack simulator can train your response teams — see it in action

This session includes an actual tour of a dark web marketplace! It’s the safest way to see how threat actors do it.