Frictionless Security: Why Digital Leaders Embrace the Passwordless Experience

icon clock small 05:00 PM icon calendar small 13 - 14 July, 2022
Jack Poller
Senior Analyst, ESG
Craig Currim
CTO, Transmit Security

Password-based customer authentication is a dual threat that heightens your risk of account takeovers and creates too much friction. Fraud and lost business hurt your bottom line. Many security leaders react by adding one-time passcodes and CAPTCHA — more friction. Meanwhile, digital leaders prefer social logins that fail to provide the level of control and security that companies need. 

In this webinar, ESG Senior Analyst Jack Poller will explore these issues and how FIDO-based passwordless authentication is both easy-to-use and impervious to attacks that target login credentials.

Transmit Security’s SVP of Solutions Engineering Craig Currim will discuss key considerations for going passwordless, including how to support customers who have many devices, enable them to move across channels and recover accounts without falling back on passwords. 

Join our webinar to learn how to get passwordless right. You can say goodbye to customer passwords in days, not months or years.

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