Transmit Security at Authenticate 2022

icon calendar small 17 - 19 October, 2022 | Seattle

Authenticate is the industry’s only conference dedicated to the who, what, why and how of user authentication – with a focus on the FIDO standards-based approach. Authenticate, hosted by FIDO Alliance, is the place for CISOs, security strategists, enterprise architects, and product and business leaders to get all of the education, tools and best practices to roll out modern authentication across web, enterprise and government applications.

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Rolling Out Passwordless to 200 Million Banking Clients in 160 Countries

Monday, October 17th from 4:45 – 5:10 PM


Matt Nunn, Citi’s Director, Global Head of Identity & Access Management Engineering, will talk about how Citi has been making the move to passwordless globally using FIDO and other technologies. He’ll talk about the requirements Citi found essential, including security, scale, resilience, features, and architecture. He will discuss how Citibank plans to use FIDO for both primary and secondary authentication, using FIDO to migrate away from SMS OTP, out of wallet questions, and both hardware and software tokens. Matt will discuss the economics behind their build vs. buy decision, and how they are solving for account recovery, user binding, FIDO portability across channels, and unique anti-fraud use cases for FIDO.


Moderated by Transmit Security’s Co-Founder, Rakesh Loonkar, this session is a must-attend for those responsible for a modern digital experience where customer trust is essential for the business.



Rakesh Loonkar, Transmit Security, President and Co-Founder

Matthew Nunn, Director, Global Head of Identity & Access Management Engineering


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Defending Against ATOs by Completely Eliminating Passwords With FIDO-Based Authentication


Account takeovers have exploded more than 300% over the last year while hackers are emboldened by the pandemic’s push to online commerce. Their new arsenal includes automated tools like botnets that can test thousands of logins per second. By simply guessing, stealing or brute-forcing credentials, fraudsters steal $16 billion annually — a massive sum that demands we finally put a stop to ATOs by getting rid of passwords completely. In this session, we discuss the ways most modern cyberthreats abuse credentials and how FIDO-based authentication can shut them down by completely eliminating passwords.



Raj Galagali, Transmit Security, Vice President, Solutions Engineering

Balu Santhosh, Transmit Security, Principal Solutions Architect


You can find the Transmit Security team in Seattle, or online, this October at Authenticate. Book a meeting below, or swing by our booth in the expo hall. We hope to see you there!



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