How Modern CIAM Defeats Complex ATOs

icon calendar small 27 October, 2022
Ian Sorbello
Principal Solutions Architect, Transmit Security

On-Demand Webinar

How Modern CIAM Defeats Complex ATOs

Speaker: Ian Sorbello, Principal Solutions Architect, Transmit Security 

Legacy IAM platforms are slowly losing security efficacy as fraudsters now easily bypass controls that are many decades old. New tools and techniques are crucial to keep up with these attacks in order to prevent ATO attacks and reduce fraud — which is increasingly executed at scale through powerful crimeware automation. Modern CIAM is premised on both strong cyber security and better CX, working in tandem, to operate at the core of your business. 

In this talk we will cover:

  • How CIAM has been difficult to build and deploy.
  • Why it’s slow to innovate CIAM and keeps identity costs high.
  • Why authentication is just one part of a complex identity puzzle.
  • The new bastion of cyber identity; coupling security with CIAM, for the ultimate service in customer account and application protection.