Regate Revives their Brand Image and Customer Trust with Transmit Security

Learn how Regate significantly increased digital engagement by reducing customer friction and security gaps with passwordless authentication

Designed as a “cockpit”, Regate’s all-in-one SaaS solution streamlines accounting practices. All facets of their accounting platform are designed to value the accountants’ experience, time and security — above all else.

Regate struggled, however, to comply with the Payment Services Directive PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Their old solution added too much friction, requiring users to download an authenticator app, which was unreliable when sending passcodes.

After selecting and implementing Transmit Security Passwordless and MFA Services, Regate was able to:

  • Reduce helpdesk calls, customer complaints and related costs
  • Eliminate the risk of password-based account takeovers of their most valuable accounts
  • Accelerate time to market with an easy-to-implement solution

Explore the full case study to learn how Regate did it.

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