Elevate Azure AD B2C with Passwordless MFA

See how Transmit Security simplifies and strengthens customer authentication within your Azure apps.

See how one-touch MFA enables customers to quickly open new accounts and log in with fingerprint or facial ID, passkeys or other strong passwordless methods.

Our plug-and-play services make it easy to integrate the most trusted form of passwordless authentication within Azure AD B2C. Transmit Security offers the only FIDO-based solution that makes it possible for customers to log in on any channel, from any device — without using a password or storing biometrics in the cloud.

We’ll demonstrate how Transmit Security delivers:

  • MFA by design – expands on FIDO-based passwordless authentication
  • With or without an app – gives you the flexibility to optimize CX and security
  • Omnichannel experiences – lets users move across channels with a single identity
  • Multi-device support – enables customers to log in from any of their devices
  • Ease of deployment – optimizes all scenarios and user flows out of the box
  • Continually updated – keeps you in compliance and protects against evolving threats

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