BindID: The Future of Customer Authentication

bindid product visual

Complex and cumbersome authentication methods are destroying your customer experience. Now there is a seamless way to authenticate, powered by Google, Apple and Microsoft biometrics. Welcome to BindID! Watch now to find out how you can remedy identity fatigue with no usernames, passwords, resets or failed logins.

Here are 3 advantages of implementing BindID:

1. Smoother user experience: no more attrition or fatigue due to password resets and frustrating registration sequences

2. Heightened security: strengthened standards make it harder for attackers to impersonate legitimate users or steal their credentials

3. Reduced overhead: IT no longer needs to issue, manage and reset passwords, eliminating the need for password-related help desk tickets

BindID is an easy-to-implement offering with a seamless approach to passwordless customer authentication. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, BindID will give your business the perfect “fire and forget” solution to provide customers with a frictionless journey. With BindID, there’s minimal coding required. You can get up and running in weeks or months, not years. And BindID isn’t just a simple authenticator; when you work with Transmit Security, you get an entire security ecosystem.

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