Gen Z Survey: Shaping the Future of Passwordless

Gen Z Survey: Shaping the Future of Passwordless

How Gen Z is influencing companies to evolve

Gen Z brings new demands, ready to break the mold. The instant they pick up a smartphone or laptop, they expect easy, intuitive experiences. If not, they’re gone in 8 seconds. 

Why do they drop off so quickly? We surveyed Gen Z to find out. Our research shows they have no patience for extra steps that slow them down. They also care about security, but companies need to protect their accounts and privacy for them.

Find out how passwordless customer authentication meets their demands. Gen Z’s earnings are set to surpass ¼ of all global income, so you’ll be motivated to give them the friction-free logins they prefer.

Read the full report to find out why:

  • 49.5% will abandon a shopping cart 
  • 58% have dropped off registration
  • 71% can’t be expected to spot a fraudulent email
  • 28% won’t change their password after it was stolen 

Stunning, right? Learn how to captivate Gen Z. 

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